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    Wednesday, April 20, 2005

    Hello Again…

    The RAM Raider would like to welcome all the new visitors to the blog, most of who have been tipped off by Kieron Gillen’s much more popular blog, and Stuart Campbell’s forum.

    The RAM Raider wasn’t expecting to get this much attention. As RR explained in the introduction, the idea of this blog is only as an outlet to have a rant before RR retires from the industry. It’s not journalism, and it’s not aiming to win the Booker prize. It’s a rant. Self therapy. Nothing more.

    Thanks to everybody who has commented and e-mailed so far, including the guys at THQ (nobody cares about your tepid WWE games either), Kieron, Adam, and MCV’s Dave Roberts. Some of you have been upset by the blog, and some of you love it. You can’t please all of the people all of the time, as I’m sure both Kieron Gillen and Stuart Campbell will agree.

    The whole reason the RAM Raider is writing all this is because he thinks the industry is taking itself far too seriously, so we suppose the moral of the story is not to take this blog too seriously. It’s just rock ‘n roll. The RAM Raider loves you all really.

    The RAM Raider.


    1. It could be worse.

      We could be doing a *real* job.

    2. Anonymous10:05 am

      Where's your WWE entry gone then? Hmm? Hmm?


    3. Anonymous10:19 am

      Awesome. Deleting posts already. You are the voice of truth and honesty, clearly.

    4. Also, for the record, my balls *have* dropped.

      I could send some photographs if you'd like?

      Or maybe you're in the same office as me and I could come 'round and wiggle them in front of you?

      I've no way of finding that out of course. You're all 'mysterious and that'.

      Probably one of the 'old guard' - people who've been 'in' games so long they've forgotten what being a human being is.

    5. J. Square5:04 pm


      I'd like to say I really enjoyed this Blog.

      But I can't. The targets you pick are poorly chosen, the way you attack them.... well, it's a bit limp and obvious really, isn't it?

      Anyway, keep up the work, and maybe things will get better. Probably of their own accord, but here's hoping.

    6. The RAM Raider has received loads of e-mails from key industry figures supporting the blog. Until the number of negative e-mails RR receives outweigh the positive ones, the blog will carry on as it is. Anonymous comments carry little weight.

    7. "Anonymous comments carry little weight."

      Tee hee, there you go again.

    8. "There you go again"? What?

      RR has said "not to take this blog too seriously", and that it's all personal opinion and lies. The RR was pointing out that the comments he receives from anonymous people carry less weight than credited comments.

      Check your facts if you're going to try and be clever, Walker.

    9. John W10:04 am

      Oh deary dear.