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    Monday, April 18, 2005

    How To Do A Back Page

    Well done to Dennis Publishing’s porn-for-nerds mag Custom PC for putting the competition to shame this month with their back page feature. Traditionally a spot for some amusing tongue-in-cheek antics amongst the mags, its gaming rivals have been putting in some lazy and useless efforts recently.

    No shit gags for the Custom PC geeks, who ingeniously took it upon themselves to take an Abit motherboard out into the forest and test the company’s claims of them being bulletproof by emptying a shotgun into it.

    They lose a few brownie points by wasting space on an arse-crack licking thank you to Abit and a patronising “don’t try this at home” (as if the zitty nerds that read the mag are actually likely to), but the RAM Raider is hoping this will encourage other magazines to start putting some effort into their back page comedy bits again.

    And yes, the motherboard was totally fucked after being shot at.

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