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    Saturday, April 16, 2005

    Pointless press release of the week goes to…

    …Official PlayStation 2 Magazine, who have… (drum roll)… got some previews and reviews in their latest issue. Well fucking done guys. With OPS2 counting amongst the lamest of the dismal PS2 mags doing the rounds, the RAM Raider can see why Future need to push out a press release to announce the amazing fact that they've done their jobs for once.

    It’s even accompanied by an official statement by editor Stephen “I hate my track suit wearing readers” Pierce:

    "The force is strong with this issue, making it the best OPS2 ever (customary shit press release gag over with early – well done). We have the amazing Star Wars blow-out, which couldn't be better timed to build up excitement for the movie (can’t resist letting slip the real reason for securing those ‘exclusives’, can you Steve) – as well as loads more (yes – Reviews! Previews! Hearty congratulations). We have the biggest selection of first-look exclusives ever assembled in one magazine (we’re assuming you have the facts to back that up, Steve?), and have covered the titles gamers really want to get their hands on (good tactic – a lesser editor would just pick a load of shite that nobody gives a fuck about). With the essential covermounted DVD, this illustrates why OPS2 is by far the best videogame magazine you can buy."

    Well, the RAM Raider's convinced.


    1. Anonymous5:03 pm

      Any relation to old PC Gamer Ed Matthew Pierce?

    2. Mrs Pierce6:37 pm

      They're brothers.