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    Thursday, April 07, 2005

    PR People = The Scum of the Earth

    Let’s get things rolling with a little chat about PR scum. For those of you who don’t know, PR people exist purely to deal with the press, despite PR being short for Public Relations. Another thing you might not know, unless you’re a journalist, is that the majority of them are complete and utter worthless cunts.

    They’re perfectly happy sending out the odd press release written in bullshit double-speak, or arranging their little press events, but actually ask them to do something and their entire world collapses. Writing a preview for a nationally distributed magazine, the PR dimwits at THQ were supposed to have sent some screenshots to the Raider. After nearly two weeks of e-mailing and badgering them (“oh yes, we’ll get those to you, no problem”), the Raider finally telephoned them a week after they were due. The operator curtly informed the Raider that both the PR guys have fucked off out of the office until the following week, and that she’s prepared to do fuck all about the fact that RR has to hand in incomplete work and look as idiotic as they are. Thanks THQ, you incompetent wankers. Stick your WWE shite back up from where they came - your arses.

    Sure, not all PR are bad. Just most of them. Frazer Nash is a complete nutcase – the man has no grasp of basic grammar, and his e-mails all read like a primary school has been asked to send out a press release as a project. Here's one of his latest:
    Hi Frazer,
    Reckon we can get this on a coverdisc?
    Either the man’s on drugs, or needs some serious therapy.

    RR isn't even going to get started on how PR scum will happily ignore your communications for months, only to leap into action as soon as you slag off one of their clients. Ask any journalist, and they’ll have hours of cry-baby stories for you. If you’re not involved in the industry, think yourself lucky, as it means that you’ll never have to make contact with one of these retarded morons.

    If you’ve got a PR story, send it to us at, and we’ll name and shame them on your behalf.


    1. Anonymous5:19 pm

      Cocking hell...
      Dude, like anyone gives even the slightest fraction of a fuck about your WWE preview. Go whistle for your screenshots, you whinging shitbag.

      Fuck me... Some people...

    2. Anonymous12:50 pm

      PR is the management function that evaluates public attitudes, identifies the policies and procedures of an individual or an organization with the public interests, and plans, executes, and evaluates a program of action to earn public understanding and acceptance. Hope this helps.