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    Saturday, May 07, 2005

    Sony boss admits he’s a money-grabbing cunt

    “Stop the madness” cries the headline from the front page of MCV (6/5/05). “Day one price cutting at retail is ‘crazy’”.

    So says David Reeves, the president of SCEE who thinks retail should be “licking its lips – these are harvest years.”

    What he’s really saying is that the competition between the game shops leading to price-cutting and consumers getting a good deal is bad.

    “I feel sorry for the independents and I wish we could do something about it.”

    David Reeves does not feel sorry for the independents. David Reeves couldn’t give a fuck about the independents, and he couldn’t give a fuck about you guys, especially when you're getting a good deal when buying games.

    David Reeves feels sorry for himself, as he thinks you guys should be paying overly inflated prices for the shit that Sony release.

    David Reeves is a money-grabbing cunt who can fuck off.

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