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    Saturday, May 14, 2005

    Welcome back

    The RAM Raider has re-entered the building.

    The RAM Raider welcomes you back to his quaint little rant site that took him by surprise when it started pulling in thousands of hits per day. After a brief time out, the RAM Raider and his band of merry cohorts have crawled out from under their desks and are ready to continue the fight against the evils of the games industry. Until we stop again.

    We’d like to thank you for all the e-mails which were surprisingly almost all really nice, and extend a special thanks to Kieron Gillen for his encouraging words about the blog.

    “It’s not exactly brilliant.”

    Thanks. Anyway, here are the ground rules – this is a blog that rants about the games industry, and all that is evil and ridiculous within it. It is not journalism. It is not trying to be clever. If the RAM Raider and his team were trying to feel important, they wouldn’t be anonymous.

    Join us for the ride, and if you’ve got anything juicy we should know about, e-mail the Ram Raider at


    The RAM Raider
    [edit - Stuart Campbell hasn't commented about the site - it was an imposter]


    1. John Shit12:03 pm

      "fight against the evils of the games industry"

      If you're so *pained* by the 'evils' of the games industry then fuck off.

      There are people out there who'd kill to be in your position.

      People with passion, spirit and drive. People who would *appreciate* the opportunity they've been given.

      Not embittered old fuckchests trying desperately to make up for the fact that they've wasted the only life they'll ever have writing about videogames.

      Or ugly fatties.

    2. Another PR guy speaks...

    3. John Shit12:30 pm

      Not a PR - another journo.

      But a journo with a fucking SOUL.

    4. Anonymous12:46 pm

      I once met Yuji Naka you know.

    5. I'm cheerfully enthusiastic about encouraging anyone doing anything at all interesting. Until someone actively takes pops at me, at which case I start being a little more honest with my opinions.

      Besides: Passive aggressive blog-posting is fun, as we've all discovered.


    6. RR isn't taking a pop. Just gently acknowledging your passive-aggressive references about his site. RR loves all of his industry colleagues (apart from the ones he doesn't)

    7. Hmmm. This industry could well implode, should the seeds of discontent be nourished enough. Which side to to sit on? And to go back to EDGE or not? Hmmm.

    8. Um, hello. I don't remember saying that.


    10. That isn't me. Tsk.

    11. have you put the wwe entry back up yet? or is taking it down after pr pressure some kind of metajoke about hypocrisy in games journalism? lol i get it

    12. Sorry RevStu - that was clearly an imposter. Would you care to give a quote that RR can use in its place?

    13. Anonymous12:27 pm

      Come on rr. If you really want to make this interesting, and god knows we all do, why don't you stop pussy-footing around and start breaking some proper stories?
      If you've been around as long as you say you have you'll have some proper scandal, which might actually help put the 'fun' back into videogames and 'out' the people responsible for the 'bullshit'.
      You're doing this anonymously, so what's the problem?

    14. Did you really get thousands of hits? Man, we've only got 600 *users*. What's the secret? Hello, by the way.

    15. Hello Simon - welcome to the blog. Yes, before the site went offline it was getting over two thousand hits a day. No idea what the secret is - all RR is doing is ranting.

    16. You know your problem, Byron? You don't say "cunt" enough.

      I get 120,000 hits a month for my website of rubbish, so clearly I'm a bigger cunt than any of you.

    17. "I'm a bigger cunt than any of you."
      - Stuart Campbell.

      A useful quote I'll save for a rainy day, I think.


    18. Mr Hat11:56 am

      So the Ram Raider is actually Daniel Emery, ex of PC Zone and awarder of one star out of five to Outrun 2! What a man!

    19. Right. If it's *hits* you're talking about, we've already got 162203 in May, and that's not even over yet. So we win! Again! Also, we've made over five dollars ($5.01) off of Google! Although Cutlack reckons we're losing cash by swearing, the fucking cunt.