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    Monday, May 30, 2005

    Who is the RAM Raider?

    The RAM Raider has become an uncontrollable monster. He is snide. He makes arrogant comments. He thinks his views are so important everyone should read them. He likes slagging off people. He doesn’t like getting slagged off back. He is pretentious. He is egotistical. He loves having thousands of people visit his site. He is cowardly. He is frustrated. He feels threatened. He loves you. He hates you. He likes to write. He likes to play games. He likes upsetting people. He likes to tell the truth.

    Who is the RAM Raider?

    The RAM Raider is you.

    You are the RAM Raider.

    Most of you who read this site are games journalists. You like to post anonymous comments. You like to slag people off. You feel threatened. You think your views are important. You are egotistical. You love your ‘fame’ if you have any. You like to write. You like games. You like to tell the truth.

    This is what makes games journalists. It makes good journalists. It makes bad journalists.

    If you agree, you can comment. If you disagree, you can still comment and call the RAM Raider a cunt or accuse him of disappearing up his own arse. You’ll still prove his point.

    Will the real RAM Raider please stand up? To misquote Eminem,

    “Guess there’s a RAM Raider in all of us. Fuck it, let’s all stand up.”


    1. I'm not a games journalist - I just visited because you had posted recently in my news feed. I won't call you those nasty names (yet?) :)

    2. Man Alive...

      You're not fucking Batman you know.

      (Although it would be cool if you were)

    3. Hey! Ramraider! You should try getting pissed at a colleague's birthday party, then slagging someone off to two of their colleagues. It's like the Internet, but in real time.

      I wish you were Batman, too.

    4. "Who is the RAM Raider?

      The RAM Raider is you."

      No, the RAM Raider is Daniel Emery, furiously backpedalling in the hope someone will believe this is an awesome piece of games industry satire, rather than a snapshot of a life in freefall towards office temping and bar work.

    5. Ricky Piss11:14 am

      And with that, the RAM Raider runs out of steam.

    6. And the games magazine industry gets through another week unscathed.

      Won't someone stop them?!

    7. Anonymous7:54 pm

      Nice, Nice, Nice! I agree with what you are saying, but I’d be careful not to take it to an extreme. Extremes tend to cause 50 year old men to jump up on couches on the Oprah show. Two things I’d recommend doing either way is 1.) Go see Batman Begins 2.) Ditch IE. I’m a big fan of Blog sites and IE doesn’t allow you to add the RSS feed in your bookmarks. I traded IE for the free Ideal Broswer which is based off of Mozilla Firefox and I love it. It’s 100 times more secure and web pages load twice as fast. Not to mention that I can now add my favorite RSS feeds to my bookmarks. =-) You can check out the browser here