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    Monday, October 24, 2005

    Number 1: Stuart Campbell

    Who else?

    Having been there from the start, writing for a diverse range of magazines including Your Sinclair, Arcade, Digitiser and GamesMaster, Stuart has been entertaining gamers for years whilst mercilessly keeping the powers that be on their toes. Don’t let his choice of hairstyle put you off – this man is a journalistic genius.

    The peak of his career was the Amiga Power years. Writing for the best games magazine there has ever been, his reviews are remembered to this day for their integrity and ingenuity. Not because they were clever-clever and pretentious (they never were), but because they were informative AND entertaining – the essence of Old Games Journalism.

    It’s a sad reflection of the games industry that its finest writer is now unemployable. He was blacklisted by Future “we don’t interfere in editorial decisions” Publishing for daring to stand up for himself when they didn’t pay him. His last regular magazine work was with PC Zone’s monthly emulation pages, but Future Publishing disgracefully ordered his immediate dismissal when they bought the mag from Dennis Publishing. (That’s what he has in common with the RAM Raider – we’re both hated by Future Publishing for telling the truth)

    The whole story can be found on his website at, where he has a dedicated and intelligent forum of followers. Some of his work can also be found there, with a “tips jar” for the ultra-dedicated to contribute to his income. How Stuart actually makes a living now is a mystery. We’re glad that he still regularly writes articles, but being unpublishable in most games magazines is the most telling indicator of where the industry has been dragged to by its evil controllers.

    His appearance in Amiga Power with “ATTITUDE” written across his sunglasses with Tipp-Ex is representative of the time that games journalism was in its rightful place: fun, cheeky, unflinchingly honest, and scared of nothing and no-one. Ask Stuart if he’d give an undeserved high review score in exchange for some advertising or perks, and you’ll get the answer to why he’s virtually unemployable by the industry today.

    All aspiring games journalists should be forced to study the works of Stuart Campbell for at least a year before being let anywhere near a magazine or newspaper, especially The Guardian.

    Congratulations Stuart – you’re the number one “celebrity” games journalist!
    The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. Anonymous12:40 pm

      What's Old Games Journalism?

    2. Anonymous12:58 pm

      well, that means Ram Raider can't be Dan Emery after all. Future doesn't hate Dan. They just don't employ him cos his writing is poor and he gets review scores wildly wrong. I'd rate that as 'indifference' more than 'hatred'. And to be fair on Future (who are c*nts), not many companies would willingly employ somone who had taken them to court them three times, justified or not.

    3. Anonymous1:02 pm

      You forgot to mention that he really likes crisps.

    4. Anonymous1:12 pm

      And he likes rats as well. I want an army of rats that I can train to kill people.

    5. is stu's website..

      and ultra-dedicated? it is just a quid per month for nice extra stuff..

    6. We also forgot to mention his fondness for Canoe Squad.

    7. Anonymous2:09 pm

      And Outrun. Don't forget Outrun.

    8. Damn. And I thought *I* was going to be number one.

      Messed up. Messed up.

      John W

    9. Anonymous5:17 pm

      How is he a games journalist? I thought he got the boot from every place he's every worked for.

      Isn't he just a games tramp now, drinking gargnatuan amounts of special brew, wanking, cyring and muttering about PC FPS's being "teh ghey'

    10. Anonymous5:20 pm

      "I'd have said the Zzap! guys like Jaz Rignall and Gary Penn, to name just a couple, were more "celebrity" games journalists than most of the list. And Gaz at least still does paid games writing (in the form of his Edge column), which is more than you can say for me. He's been writing about games longer than anyone, was a massive journalism "celebrity" in his day (and is still pretty massive), and if such a chart is going to exist, even if only 20 people are reading it, it's mental not to have the big guy in there. And where's Charlie Brooker (who is a celebrity and a games journalist, though maybe you could argue he wasn't both at the same time)? Where's Duncan McDonald, or indeed any of the old YS/Zero mob?"


      Do you want to tell him?

    11. Anonymous6:37 pm

      "Stuart Campbell, there. HE'S ACTUALLY TAKING THIS THING SERIOUSLY."

      Except that three pages into a thread he didn't start, it's ended up with discussions about pop music and the games animal. So not that seriously, then.

    12. hey look! it's some jealous future nobody who hate stuart but reads his website every day! lol!!

    13. Anonymous12:22 am

      Future nobody? Dan's been a nobody for some time now. *swanee whistle*

    14. Anonymous3:16 am

      Everybody at Future, are nobodies.
      A bunch of fucking cretins, who take backhanders, and give everything a 10 out of 10.
      "Look !!, A game by EA"
      "Lets take that nice bundle of cash, and give this game a full 10"

      Everyone at Future should be publically shot, including all the pricks in suits.

      The only time I'd ever have a Future magazine in my hands, is when I run of out lav roll, and I need to take a shit.

    15. Anonymous9:35 am


      Righteous fury! Fight the machine! Sum 41!


    16. Anonymous10:06 am

      I see the trolls/keyboard commandos have wormed thier way here then.

      "Look mummy, I'm writing on the internet! I'm a big boy now!"

      "Well done son, you'll make a fine street cleaner when you grow up!"

    17. Anonymous10:25 am

      OR: "Well done son, you'll make a fine games P.R. bloke when you grow up!"

    18. Anonymous10:25 am

      fight the machine? as opposed to doing what to the machine? bending over for it?

    19. Someone help remove Stu's head from his own backside.

    20. Anonymous11:49 am

      'How Stuart actually makes a living now is a mystery.'

      Doesn't he keep suing Future for vast scads of cash?
      And he broke Cannon Fodder 2.
      Funny writer, mind.

    21. Anonymous12:41 pm

      Or "Oh no, my sons an internet troll. Now he'll grow up to be fat, have no girlfriends, and won't leave home till he's 45"

    22. Anonymous3:12 pm

      I like to think there must be a happy middle ground between fighting and bending over, with regard to the machine.

      No doubt this is not the case, but whatever man. -_-

    23. Anonymous4:37 pm

      Oh Noes !!!1111!
      It's "Attack of the cowardly Anonymous Interweb Nerds", with such quotes as
      "I bet he's a troll"
      "He's on mummy's PC"
      and the classic, and ironic
      "Oh no, my sons an internet troll. Now he'll grow up to be fat, have no girlfriends, and won't leave home till he's 45"

      Such replies remind of the ramblings of Future Publishing Journos, or perhaps I've just hit a little too close to home as to who these cowardly Anonymous nerds really are.
      Future's magazines, could do with more Stuart Campbells, to show how reviews should be done.

      Now, cue more Anonymous Interweb Nerds, with more amusing replies, just to make my day.

    24. I'm so impressed with all these big brave people accusing Future writers of corruption and fraud under "anonymous". Their penises must be HUGE!

      This is just me, but if I were so sure of my claims, I'd use my own name when making them. Because otherwise I'd be worried that someone might think I'm an ignorant little forumboy, repeating something I once saw someone else say, but spelling it wrong, too chickenshit to make my spiteful accusations to their face. But that's just me.

      John Walker

    25. Oh Noes !!!1111!
      It's "Attack of the cowardly Anonymous Interweb Nerds"

      As done by a cowardly anonymous interweb nerd.

      Was that supposed to be ironic? Or are you just stupid?

    26. Walker has a point. Future may be wankers, but many of their journos are decent guys just trying to make a living.

    27. John Walker is a corrupt reviewer. He'll give games a favourable mark in exchange for cola chews and obscure folk records. The man's a sexual deviant with a tiny cock.

      C'mon, Walker. Sue me. See if you can make it stand up in Court.


    28. Thing is, my cock's so tiny it's hard to tell if it's standing up or not.

    29. Anonymous1:02 pm

      Stuart Campbell was always about his own ego. End of. He's history. He's a totally irrelevancy in this era of the internet.

      Thank goodness for the internet! :)

    30. Anonymous11:14 am

      More on Stuart here:

    31. Anonymous4:47 pm