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    Friday, October 07, 2005

    Number 10: Aleks Krotoski

    Being one of the presenters of Bits, one of history’s worst efforts of putting games onto television, isn’t the most eminent way to kick off a career in games journalism. The American one of the student/ladette-wannabe trio of presenters, Aleks went on to partner up with comedian Iain Lee for the short-lived Thumb Bandits, where her regular television work did a Ronnie Barker by dying without surprising anybody.

    The real reason she’s made it into the Official Top 10 “Celebrity” Games Journalists list over her fellow presenters is her contribution to the GamesBlog of the Guardian’s Technology website and weekly supplement. A higher position in the list could have been secured if she’d had something interesting to say in the last ten years, but it’s just not happening. She wants more women to play games! Wooo! Controversial!

    A quick Google search reveals that she’s doing a PhD in Social Psychology (can you hear Maureen Lipman hooting “ooh, an ‘ology”) and making guest TV appearances whenever a technology “expert” is called for at short notice. She’s also still got those streaks of colour in her hair that the woman from Republica proved looks rubbish ten years ago.

    Congratulations Aleks – you’re a “celebrity” games journalist!
    The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. I think she's the most doggable of all the Bits girls, though. Never was one for "Bouff".

    2. Christian McCrea4:38 pm

      Her academic work is shit-hot, though.

      This list better with Erik Wolpaw at the top or this whole fucking system's out of order.