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    Wednesday, October 19, 2005

    Number 2: Dave Perry

    The one with the bandanna, NOT the Earthworm Jim guy.

    Gaming during the nineties was about a lot of things: MegaDrives, Amigas, decent arcades, the SNES, the NEO GEO, GamesMaster, GamesWorld, and Dave Perry. The man has a CV that most games journalists would trade in their stubby cocks for, with contributions to the mags of the time and regular guest and presenting appearances on TV shows GamesMaster and GamesWorld.

    The irony is that during his most notorious period, he was widely hated. The cocky bandanna-wearing blonde never stopped talking about how great he was at playing games. This constant bragging pissed off loads of people, not least Dominik Diamond, who let the world know of his hatred for Dave by making faces behind his back on GamesMaster.

    Dave’s contribution to the gaming scene can only be fully appreciated in retrospect. The man has written reams of excellent, accessible copy about games, and made an indelible impression on anyone who's thought “that Dave Perry bloke’s such a knob” while unwittingly reading and enjoying one of his many cover-mounted books.

    In another irony, Dave keeps a low profile now that the gaming industry finally believes the claims he made about himself ten years ago. He currently lingers on the forums of his website, As well as his homely forum of followers, the site hosts an enjoyable collection of articles written by Dave in which he fondly remembers better times, and endearingly acknowledges how his persona wound people up more than he realised.

    Whatever you think of him, then or now, nobody can dispute the contribution Dave has made to gaming. He’s always concentrated on looking after the hardcore fans of gaming, and like us, is saddened by how the joy has been crushed by the corporate suits and their blind meddling.

    The industry badly needs people like Dave. Not just people who are up their own arseholes – there are more than enough of those already – but who can be an interface between the gaming industry and its hardcore fans. He loves games, and the hardcore fans love games, but it’s the suits who have never played a game that are running the show now.

    Sega, Nintendo, GamesMaster and Dave Perry used to be an important part of gaming’s identity – now it’s EA, Microsoft, and layers of PR scum who deal with the branding. Who did you prefer?

    Congratulations Dave – you’re a “celebrity” games journalist!
    The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. Anonymous1:44 pm

      Congratulations - with that entry you made The Best Thing On The Internet.

    2. Give me the PR scum anyday... no really. Better than these fucking pricks who single handly made gaming akin to walking around Sainsburys with you cock in hand beating off in the dairy section. Can't remeber a PR person proclaiming that they were the face of gaming consiquently making anyone normal who plays games to be pigeonholed with the utter utter cunts that are 'celebrity' games journalists.

    3. Are... Are YOU Dave Perry?

      Because I refuse to believe anyone could say:

      "Dave Perry used to be an important part of gaming’s identity"

      Without adding,

      "Back then gamers were twats, with hankies for hats. Thanks Dave."

    4. Surely if anyone's "The Earthworm Jim guy", it's Doug TenNapel? Dave Perry's the Shiny guy!

    5. Number 1 had better be Fred Harris, or I'm leaving.

    6. Anonymous4:46 pm

      Only one spot left and still got to cover Iain Lee, Stu Campbell, Hill, Brooker, Garrett, Minkley, Big Boy Barry, Steven Poole, the bloke who got sacked from Future for getting p*ssed and calling everyone a c*nt... and surely Pratchett rates a mention, if only for her famous Dad.

    7. Anonymous7:30 pm

      Without Pat Garratt, Steve Hill and Steve Boxer, this list is NOTHING.

      Even Adam Doree who spunked a million quid is worth a mention.

    8. What a brave choice! Possibly the most famous games journalist of all! Yet typically for this industry, a lot of people only seem interested in having a go at the man for his fame and arrogance. From TV shows, to magazines, to being voted one of the country's most elligible Bachelor's by Company magazine. The Animal has been the face of gaming for over a decade, and to this day I don't think anyone has done a better job of moving the hobby into the mainstream. Come back Animal... all is forgiven! We believe! We believe!