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    Friday, October 14, 2005

    Number 4: Kieron Gillen

    A legend in his own mind, Gillen has been involved in games journalism for longer than most. Having written for the likes of Amiga Power and PC Gamer, Gillen has produced some impressive pieces of journalism during his career.

    Over the last few years, the once-promising writer has started to believe his own hype and is now almost a parody of himself. The most polarising point in his career was the New Games Journalism fiasco, which convinced elements of the specialist and mainstream press that a good review has more to do with the author, and less to do with the joys of gaming.

    His musings posted on the mostly unreliable Eurogamer are often self-indulgent and pretentious. For a man who wants to popularise gaming, he’s very good at alienating his readers with his supreme arrogance.

    Not everyone who hates Gillen’s writing hates Gillen. Like most journalists, he’s a different person face-to-face, and some of his articles are genuinely striking. If he could inject his personable likeability into all of his written work and just lighten up a little, he would be a more accessible and generally more liked writer.

    Whatever you think of him, he’s the man who seems to be leading gaming’s march into the mainstream, whether it wants to go there or not. Remember: this is Gillen’s world – we just live on it.

    Congratulations Kieron – you’re a “celebrity” games journalist!

    The RAM Raider salutes you.

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