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    Tuesday, October 11, 2005

    Number 8: Dominik Diamond

    To some he’s the father of gaming’s television heritage. To everyone else, he’s an unfunny Scottish twat.

    GamesMaster is in the blood of every gamer of a certain age, which means most of today’s hardcore gamers have Dominik Diamond coursing through their veins. The series captured the essence of what’s now considered to be old school gaming, and was fronted perfectly by the amiable Scotsman with his light innuendo-laden banter. After walking away from the series because of a McDonald’s sponsorship deal, he soon came running back when he realised the world wasn’t queuing up to employ him.

    His ego started to drown his likeability as GamesMaster went on, which led to the now infamous animosity between him and regular guest Dave Perry. As Dave Perry was nearly universally hated by gamers at the time, this paid off for Diamond.

    Since GamesMaster died, Dominik’s career hasn’t done badly. He’s a columnist with The Daily Star (we didn’t say he’d done brilliantly), and he appears on the kind of cheap shite everyone complains about when talking about channel 4. To his credit, he’s tried to keep gaming TV alive. To his discredit, it was with When Games Attack. The games came second to Dominik’s hit-and-miss humour and cheap entendres, so nobody was surprised when it was axed.

    His only involvement with gaming now is with his regular column with PC Zone (or is it PC Gamer) which has to date been disastrous. Parodying his lack of gaming knowledge while bragging about the freebies he’s sent do not a great read make. He needs to pulls his head out of his arse and replace his smugness with his old likeability.

    The RAM Raider has an amusing story about when he met Dominik, but we’re saving that for another day.

    Congratulations Dominik – you’re a “celebrity” games journalist!
    The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. Anonymous12:12 am

      Why has no one left any comments?

    2. Sinister Agent11:35 pm

      "Why has no one left any comments?"

      Bless. You're not that interesting, Dom.

    3. Anonymous2:14 pm

      Dominic Diamond refuses to go through with crucifixtion in the Phillipines

      "I was once a minor celebrity , get me down from here "

    4. Anonymous12:29 pm

      I LOVE DD!!!!!!