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    Wednesday, October 12, 2005

    Numbers 7, 6 & 5: The TriForce

    Made up of Ste Curran, Simon Byron and the other one, the TriForce operate a fairly amusing blog and forum in which they record their adventures in the world of gaming. As in the real world, not the bullshit NGJ world. Regular readers might expect the RAM Raider to despise them, especially as Ste used to be the editor of pretentious arse-rag Edge (which we hate) and Simon works as a PR guy (many of whom we also hate). But the TriForce is a source of fun, not pretention, so they should be praised.

    Their records of achievement note that Ste used to be the main man behind Edge’s Red Eye column, and Simon was on GamesMaster once. Collectively, they’re best known for their little “toothing” hoax where they made the press believe a fictional craze similar to dogging had become popular, which by itself proves how painfully ignorant the majority of the press are when it comes to technology. A sense of humour and a willingness to do something different are rare commodities in this increasingly po-faced industry.

    The RAM Raider has an amusing story to tell concerning Byron, but we’ll save that for another day too.

    Congratulations Ste, Simon and the other one – you’re “celebrity” games journalists!
    The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. i'm always involved in amusing stories. anyway, ram raider users, the blog's here:

      thanks rammy!


    2. ridethefader5:16 pm

      Do your flippin' research and name David! He used to work at Edge too, you know.

    3. No offence to Dave Taurus, ex-writer of Edge. We were just being cheeky, as people always give Ste and Simon most of the credit. At least he can proudly proclaim that he's more of a "celebrity" games journalist than Dominik Diamond at parties and bar mitzvahs.

    4. Anonymous3:47 pm

      I don't think Ste ever edited Edge.

    5. Anonymous10:47 pm

      He didn't, he was a writer. David was deputy editor though (it says here).

    6. Anonymous11:03 am

      How can you call these guys games journalists? Simon Byron hawks games for PR company Barrington Harvey. Ste Curran does games testing for Sony Computer Entertainment. Dave Mccarthy helps out making tea and things at Rockstar Games.

    7. were journalists, that's why