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    Friday, October 07, 2005

    The Official Top 10 “Celebrity” Games Journalists

    Yes! The RAM Raider is proud to present, after several minutes of deliberation, the inaugural Official Top 10 “Celebrity” Games Journalists. Why is it official? Because nobody else has done it before, so it’s ours now.

    Over the coming weeks we’ll be counting down in reverse order the official top 10 boys and girls who are the most well known and respected (in that order, because that’s how the world works) industry mouthpieces. The list is strictly for journalists and industry commentators, so anyone involved in the game-making process won’t be included. Molyneux would have been number one of that list anyhow.

    Because this is the home of the RAM Raider, we’ll be explaining why we think each "celebrity" is worthy of their place in the list in the frankest way imaginable.
    Let the countdown begin…

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