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    Thursday, November 03, 2005

    “Celebrity” Reaction: Paul Rose aka Mr. Biffo

    Paul Rose aka Mr. Biffo was the next “celebrity” to send us his response to being in the Official Top 10.

    “Hello dear.

    Well, it's always awfully flattering to be included in a list. And I mean that about literally any list. However, I couldn't possibly comment as to whether I should've been higher or lower. For someone who no longer counts himself as a games journalist - celebrity or otherwise - I think it's a sad comment on the current standard of video game writing that you had to include a palsied old fart like myself. Now, had you compiled a list of games journalists with the most tightly-packed underpants, I clearly should've been at Number One.”

    Paul makes a good point. Not the one about being a palsied old fart, but that someone who’s practically an ex-games journalist is still more renowned than most of his tedious contemporaries. Does no-one out there have anything interesting to say?
    He answered his personal question next.

    “What's better: writing about games or writing for TV?

    They're so completely different it's impossible to compare. In TV you don't get to sit on your arse all day working yourself through the obscene mountain of free games you keep getting sent. On the other hand, it's possible to make a respectable wage, and you don't have to lie to people about what you do for a living.



    That, Mr. Biffo, is an excellent response. The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. "Does no-one out there have anything interesting to say?"

      Plenty do, including myself I like to think - it's just finding somewhere worthwhile to say it that's the problem.

      Not everyone works for progressive, bleeding edge magazines. Which is a real pisser, you know? The personalities and individuals of 'yore' have been replaced by a cast of faceless nobodies.

      Although it's not their fault.

      Blame "the man".

      Or just any man, really.


    2. otfkthx 19119332510:36 am

      Yep, leaving the toilet seat up in a desperate attempt to attract attention from the opposite sex.