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    Tuesday, November 01, 2005

    "Celebrity" Reaction: Simon Byron

    Simon Byron of The TriForce was the second quickest “celebrity” games journalist off the starting blocks to send us his acceptance speech.

    “If the other one had died on July 7th we’d have remembered his name. Ste and I were delighted to be listed 6th and 5th most celebrity games journalists, though Ste was gutted I was ranked highest.

    I think the chart was an incredible success, certainly setting tongues wagging on Campbell’s message “bored”. And now we all know there’s a title to be fighting for, I think you’ll find us all trying a little bit harder. Gillen, I hear, is thinking of turning his New Games Journalism simultaneously into a Tate Modern installation with vaginas scattered around a fish bowl called “cunts out of water”. He’s also thinking of releasing a Christmas single, with the cover art provided by his tedious Internet comic book friends – “comic” describing the medium and the quality.

    Me? I’ll be happy making the top three next time. I couldn’t care less where Ste and the other one end up as long as it’s not in the top 10.”

    A response that has everything – a reference to how the other one was in one of the subway trains that blew up in the summer (but if he had died, he'd have been disqualified from the charts, making room for Jaz Rignall), some mocking of his colleagues, and having a pop at Gillen. Get away from PR and back into proper games journalism where you belong, Byron.

    “Thanks for thinking of us, anyway. Keep making waves.”

    You bet we will, Simon. The Top 10 has been a runaway success as far as hits are concerned, so expect more to come in the future.

    The RAM Raider salutes you.

    PS: Tell Ste to pull his thumb out of Jeremy Vine’s arse and get his acceptance speech written.

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