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    Friday, November 11, 2005

    "Celebrity" Reaction: Stuart Campbell

    The nation’s top games journalist (and that’s official) was the first one of the pack to take longer than seven and a half minutes to reply to our invitation for a response. Here’s what he had to say:

    What's your reaction to being the nation's officially most famous "celebrity" games journalist?

    ""All your slut heroes offer/Is a fear of the future/Ooh-ooh OOH!"

    Wait, I've sent in Kieron's reply by mistake.

    It's good that I'm the best."

    Moving swiftly on, we asked Stuart if he had any regrets.

    "I regret nothing. I apologise for nothing. I - uuuuuuhh."

    After Gillen’s response was posted earlier this week, someone on Stuart’s forum said “Saw kieron mailed a reply to the ram raider, will you do this as well Stu, could be room for a nice cheerful look on the industry :)”

    Stuart replied “I did send one in, I imagine it'll be printed soon. I wouldn't build your hopes up, though.”

    Well done anyway Stuart. The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. Anonymous3:12 pm

      Hey Campbell, how about telling us how fast your car can go? Or how about telling us a bit more about how, on your 39th birthday, you celebrated it by going out and taking photos of bins?

    2. Anonymous2:46 pm

      Please ignore my above post. Seeing as no one replied to my first comment I think it's safe to get this out of my system.

      I spend my days searching for any mention of Campbell and when I find it I leave lots of smart arsed comments.

      But its not my fault! I can't help it!

      I am in love with Stuart and I can't tell him for fear of being turned down. Oh how I wish to tell him how I feel!Oh how I long to hold him in my arms! But what if he was to say "no"? I would be crushed!

      So I'm forced to spend my days, searching the net, for any mention of his name, then leaving my petty comments to make myself feel big again.

      I hope you can understand Stuart. This is all because I love you so much.