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    Saturday, December 24, 2005

    Merry Christmas From GMX Media!

    We love this time of year, especially when firms take the time and trouble to send out messages of Christmas cheer and goodwill. One of our readers received this “Christmas card” from GMX Media and was instantly filled with seasonal spirit.

    “Wow, really nice of GMX to send out a Christmas card and not, for example, a blatant advert with the words season's greetings tacked on.”

    Christmas in the GMX household must be great.

    “But daddy – I wanted an Xbox360 for Christmas”

    “You’ll take this leaflet about our shit games and bloody well like it. And make sure you show all your friends at school. And their parents”

    At least the e-mail provided an address to complain to if the contents of it were spam. Seeing as an advert posing as a Christmas card is obviously spam, we’ll be e-mailing to tell him, and urge you to as well.

    Happy Christmas, readers!

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