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    Monday, December 05, 2005

    The RAM Raider Christmas Quiz (part 1)

    Whilst we tot up the votes for the RR Awards 2005, we’ll hand the torch over to our talented PR friend (a very rare thing) David McCain for a Christmas Quiz. The questions are in the style of Popbitch, so post your answers in the comments section and bask in the top prize, which is being the envy of your friends.

    “1) Which dubiously attractive PR girl is notorious for getting so horny after a night on the coke that she will fuck almost anyone though she prefers going down on guys?

    2) Which widely liked PR Manager (another very rare thing – RR) sent out review disks containing not review code but copies of the 'MILF Hunter' movies he'd downloaded the previous night?

    3) Which PR impresario has such a habit that he’s no longer allowed to speak to journalists on the phone after lunch?”

    Sorry if you’re not a PR or a journo and can’t take part, but it’ll be just as much fun to watch the guessing. More questions soon, and look out for the first of the RR Awards to be awarded shortly.


    1. Pantsboy10:05 pm

      I want gay Dork love.


    2. Anonymous10:04 am

      People in sex, drugs and beer shocker.

    3. Anonymous10:20 am

      I think you need to make friends with a lawyer, Mr Emery. This is a fabulously ill-advised (yet amusing, in a not very amusing kind of way) little festive stunt. Still, good luck.

    4. Anonymous7:57 pm

      I'd guess but there's no chance you're going to give out actual answers so I can't be arsed frankly.
      I can, however, be arsed to right a comment about me not being arsed.

    5. i need to know the answer to 1

    6. Anonymous4:26 pm

      Everybody knows the answer to 1!

    7. Anonymous5:08 am

      1. Jennie Kong!

      2. Nick Grange?

      3. Anyone from Take Two?

    8. Anonymous9:58 am

      1. hint, someone at EA (definitely not Jennie Kong)

      2. hint, someone at Eidos

      3. hint, someone at Take Two...