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    Wednesday, December 14, 2005

    The RAM Raider: Daniel Emery?

    It’s no secret that (mostly ignorant) people have been shouting around that the RAM Raider is Daniel Emery. RR has always refused to confirm or deny any rumours about his identity when asked, but the level of anti-Emery mouthing that’s been taking place is as stupid as the people sitting there shouting it.

    Ever since the rumour started, certain people have been eager to slag off Emery and his OutRun 2 review. As you’ll know if you’ve read John Walker’s grovelling public apology, Daniel Emery has had enough of being groundlessly credited as the author of this site.

    To all those people who have confidently and smugly proclaimed Emery to be the RAM Raider as if it’s a fact, try typing “libel” into Google before making your next posts on the subject.

    The RAM Raider is the RAM Raider, and that’s all you need to know.


    1. Anonymous11:52 am

      I tried typing libel into Google and it casme back with the RR Christmas Quiz.
      Thought I'd post this here as well in case it's not 'approved' on the botherer's site...

      "It really doesn't matter whether RR is Dan Emery or not. What is important is that, amongst his ramblings, he has made the connection that most of what Future does is corrupt. This isn't a slur against any of the fine journalists that write for the mags, rather the ethos behind Future as a whole. It's grown from a company that cared about content to a company that exists to do business. The casaulty of this is the reader. And the mags. And the full-time staff that know what's going on, but can't say anything for fear of being sacked.
      I'm not making these points on a purely baseless level. Ask the publisher of the games titles who signed a piece of paper to the effect that none of his mags would EVER review America's Most Wanted, in return for a huge chunk of advertorial spend. Said piece of paper exists now outside of Future and if a reply came to the effect that he would lose his job if it was produced (which surely it should if Future has any claim to credibility) then I will scan a copy and post it here.
      In the meantime you could scan your favourite Future mags to see if a review has ever appeared. And if not, why not? And if not, add the mags together to see whose portfolio they're in.

    2. Anonymous12:51 pm

      So what you're saying, Mr Raider, is that your blog is so bad that accusing someone of having written it would be defamatory?

      Because something isn't libel just because it's wrong. It's only libel if it 's wrong AND it would damage someone's reputation or standing. Does NOBODY around here understand the libel laws?

    3. Anonymous3:19 pm

      RR - YOU said you were Emery as well, you twit.

    4. Like I said, I've never confirmed or denied who I am, and I've definitely never revealed my identity.

    5. NOBODY around here4:08 pm

      Oh I understand them perfectly, thanks for asking.

      Apparently Mr.Emery does not match my own apptitude in this area. Not many do.

    6. Anonymous12:28 am

      Stop deleting comments, you pussy!

    7. Anonymous12:28 am

      Hah, nice try.

      And yes, your Outrun 2 review was complete fucking Aids.