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    Saturday, December 31, 2005

    RR Crappest Blog Of 2005: The RAM Raider

    As we predicted, it was only the blogs and personal websites of games journalists nominated, despite being open to any industry figure. Unsurprising, considering we journalists bang out the most interesting stuff anyway.

    The Crappest Blog / Personal Website of 2005 was a closely fought battle between us and Kieron Gillen’s workblog at We popped over there expecting it to take at least three minutes to find an especially buttock-clenchingly pretentious quote to post here, but our expectations were surpassed when it took an impressive 4 seconds. Here’s Gillen on Christmas:

    “Christmas is, I decided, a festival about death. It’s obvious enough - you trace the roots to the mid-winter pagan festivals, tying into the shortest day and the metaphorical rebirth of the yearly cycle. The furthest point away from the glory of midsummer and where we take stock and rage against the dying of the light by eating everything we can, because while one day we won’t be able to but today we can.”

    Oh, shut your fucking face. And don’t start with the “you don’t get it” stuff either – it’s not funny, it’s not clever.

    In his defence, some interesting discussions and viewpoints about gaming can be found there amongst the shit, and we suspect that most of the really awful cuntjam gets typed up when he’s fucked on drugs/alcohol/both.

    When we were writing this, his last post was about who has named his review of Darwinia the third worst piece of games writing of 2005. It’s a funny but flawed article from SA, and we agree that Gillen’s Darwinia review is terribly arrogant and an example of bad reviewing, but his defence of the accusation that even his name is pretentious shows how funny he can be. He just needs an editor.

    Considering we only launched in April, it’s fascinating to see we’ve made such an impact that our own readers (the same people who read us regularly) voted us the worst blog of the year. A wise philosopher once said “who’s the more foolish? The fool or the fool who follows him?” OK, so it was Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars, but you get our drift.

    At least we’re an award-winning website now. Thanks, RR readers!

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