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    Sunday, December 18, 2005

    RR PR Hero & Cunt Of 2005: Simon Byron

    The first industry figure to pick up two RR Awards, Simon Byron who works tirelessly on The TriForce (and sometimes does the odd thing for BHPR in his spare time) has triumphed over all of his colleagues in both PR categories.

    The only other nomination for PR Hero was “Jodie from EA”. We think they mean Jodie Van Hibb, but Byron got more votes, so takes the prize.

    As for PR Cunt, Nick Grange of Microsoft was nominated for “his abject fucking uselessness when it comes to even trying to speak to him about the Xbox360”, (probably because he's so busy sending them to fucking bottom drawer celebrities instead of magazines and shops) but he was outvoted by Byron too.

    So congratulations/commiserations Simon, you loveable/hateful PR hero/cunt. The RAM Raider salutes you/sticks two fingers up at you.

    Oh, we love you really. You should stop pissing around at BHPR and come back to journalism though.

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