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    Friday, December 09, 2005

    RR Shittest Game Of 2005: DRIV3R

    Voting for this category was subdued, with the only nominations being Vietcong 2 (a poor PC first-person shooting shitfest), Dead or Alive Ultimate (an unnecessary repackaging of some old DoA games), and Marble Madness for the GBA (a game that relies on an innovative ball controller to be playable).

    What about Psychotoxic? What about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? What about the travesty that was DRIV3R, if only for the review corruption that surrounded it? Even one of EA’s bland updates wallpapering games shop shelves would have done.

    We know these are your awards, but we’re going to overrule what was going to be the winner based on nominations (Marble Madness) and announce DRIV3R (EDIT: the PC version, which was somehow worse than the console versions despite taking so long to port) as the year’s shittest game.

    The Worst Review of 2004, Worst Review of 2005 and Review of 2005 are coming up soon.


    1. Hang on, worst game of 2005?

    2. Anonymous8:46 am

      It came out in 2004.

    3. Meant to say the PC version. Now edited.