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    Sunday, January 01, 2006

    RR Blog / Personal Website Of 2005: UK:Resistance

    Other nominations for this sought-after category include the almost-mighty TriForce, and one for UK:R won the day, though.

    We’ve already written a love-letter to its daddy Gary Cutlack in the Official Top 10 Celebrity Games Journalists, and we’re getting bored now, so we’ll go no further than to extend our congratulations to him, and to ask that he ditches the terminally unfunny “Ensign Teela”.

    Happy New Year readers!


    1. Oy! You promised blog of the year to me! What a cunt you are!

      UK:R? ?

      UK:R? With the most stupidest, gullible, obnoxious forum ever?

      No wonder no one leaves comments on your blog any more. Anyone who still reads this tired, god awful blog should be ashamed.


    2. Anonymous7:41 pm

      Paging Mr Mark...