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    Thursday, January 05, 2006

    RR Forum Of 2005: World Of Stuart

    Quite a popular category, with votes for the PC Gamer forum, UK:Resistance forum, and the closed-down Live Publishing forums included.

    The winner was the World of Stuart forum, found at Stuart Campbell’s website It uses the fuss-free Invision template, but guest posting had to be switched off a while ago thanks to some forum invasions.

    Not the most popular forum on the web, the WoS forum is one of the best mostly because there aren’t as many worthless cunts posting on there as on its many rivals. At the time of writing, there’s a useful thread drawing attention to gaming bargains in the shops and on the web, a sensible discussion about Downfall, something about J Allard being styled by Microsoft into a bald fag (which was observed months ago by Andrew Kelly when we were having a handbag fight with him, but better late than never), a place to exchange Mario Kart DS friend codes, and a thread slagging off Edge.

    In Campbell’s Official Top 10 “Celebrity” Journalists entry, we described his forumites as “a dedicated and intelligent forum of followers”. After getting a lot of hostility from some of them for no reason we know of, we’ve decided to give this a Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy type of edit to “a mostly dedicated and intelligent forum of followers”.

    We’re surprised no-one from the forums of the TriForce, Dave Perry or the Board of Biffo nominated their posting grounds, but the WoS forum is a worthy winner.


    1. What? no rllmuk?

    2. Anonymous9:58 am

      That's because rllmuk is full of nobbers. Who smell. And wet themselves.