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    Saturday, January 07, 2006

    RR Head-Up-Arse Forum of 2005: UK:Resistance

    We don’t think all our voters understood this category. We were looking for the forum fullest of smug wankers who think they know better than everybody else.

    The UK:R forum has its share of tossers, and the design is fucking awful, but we don’t think it’s the worst. When we were writing this, they were talking about how unfunny Ensign Teela is compared with Commander Zorg (that's intelligent discussion in our book) and wondering about who Ensign Teela really is. We know, so if you want a name, ask.

    Other nominations were for the TriForce forum (a bit dull, but they’re unpretentious,) (no comment,) and NTSC-UK (which you’ll love or hate already if you’ve been there). There was a nomination for a US site too, but we’re not ready to start bashing them yet.

    We don’t mind the UK:R forum, but these awards were done by reader votes, so don’t moan at us.

    Maybe we should start a forum so it can win the award next year…


    1. Anonymous4:39 am

      so who is teela then?

    2. Anonymous5:58 am

      if we're talking the forum with the most horrendously self-important egotistical wankers, it's got to be Ugh. Just ugh.