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    Monday, February 20, 2006

    Will Microsoft Apologise?

    The Xbox 360 launched December 1st, but you still can’t buy one. You could have pre-ordered one, but considering the launch line-up was so poor the Official Xbox 360 Magazine had to fabricate high review scores and false preview hyperbole, it’s not surprising that a lot of people didn’t bother. Even the few that did might still be waiting – we’ve heard stories of people pre-ordering as early as September but are still waiting for their consoles.

    Instead of issuing an apology, Microsoft’s mouthpieces have been cheerfully cheerleading their “sell-out success” (but not making enough units and launching just before Christmas has NOTHING TO DO WITH IT) and proudly announcing that you’ll be able to walk into a shop and buy a console off the shelves in a matter of weeks. Only three months after it supposedly “launched” – we feel like we should be thanking them.

    Microsoft hasn’t apologised. They’ve not said “sorry we didn’t make enough units,” or “sorry we rushed too few consoles out before Christmas so we could guarantee ourselves a hysteria-led sell out and damage the Christmas sales of our competitors because the consumers are too busy saving their money for when the console will be available in three months or paying triple the price on eBay.”

    We’ve written an open letter to ask them when they will be apologising:

    “To whom it my concern,

    After making a complete mess of the launch of the Xbox 360, when is Microsoft going to apologise?

    Everyone who pre-ordered one up to 5 months ago and are still waiting would probably appreciate it. Everyone who had to tell their kids on Christmas Day that they couldn’t have an Xbox 360 because Microsoft hadn’t made enough would probably appreciate it too. So would all those parents who (foolishly but understandably) paid up to a grand for one on eBay so they wouldn’t have to explain to their kids in the first place.

    Microsoft messed up. Microsoft rushed a worldwide launch before Christmas and didn’t produce enough units, and sent too many to disinterested Japan. That’s messing up. We all mess up, but when people mess up, they should apologise.

    So, again, when is Microsoft going to apologise?

    Yours truly,


    We sent this to RAM Raider Awards nominee Nick Grange, head of Microsoft UK Xbox PR (, last Friday. We’re still waiting for a response.

    We’re going to send this open letter to more of Microsoft’s puppets until they give out an apology, or show they really don’t give a fuck about screwing you.


    1. Anonymous8:36 am

      Nice to see you back!!

    2. Anonymous12:25 pm

      Jesus - is that it? Must try harder 2/10

    3. Don Rosco3:50 pm

      Yeah, that'll learn them. How dare they. Worse than Hitler etc


      Haven't you got anything better to do with your time? Or funnier?

    4. If someone pre-ordered in September and haven't got their console yet it's cos they are feeble, since they're widely available on the high street now.

      Also, I don't think anyone really cares about this anymore.

    5. Anonymous12:18 am

      While you're at it could you ask Mr. Blair to apologise for the war. That comes second to microsoft not making enough videogame playing white boxes I know, but seeing as you're in the letter writing mood...

    6. Anonymous9:16 am

      And the council drains around here are terrible. Dog muck on the pavement, minimal recycling facilities, poorly lit streets etc, etc.

    7. Inflatable Moron8:29 pm

      Wellcome back Mr RAM..nice to see your not dead..just bone idle

    8. Anonymous5:31 pm

      Microsoft ate my hamster!

    9. sinister agent10:54 pm

      The fact that you took time from your life to write this is so sad that I'm going to take time from my life to whinge about it and fail to see the double standard! Take that!

      But er... I do think we get the idea mate. New games thingface is prey to wankiness often, but then we've heard it all before. No offence, but you can probably do better than this.