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    Thursday, March 02, 2006

    Another Pointless Forum – Ours

    Yes! Now there’s more than one way to call RR a cunt, with the new RAM RAIDER FORUM.

    The bookies’ favourite way for it to go is for it to stagnate within a month, but don’t let that put you off. Come and join anyway. There’s a section for general discussion where anything goes – games talk, scandal, gossip, NGJ v OGJ, life in general or why you hate your job / everyone around you. There’s also a section where you can ask RR anything you like.

    Join up whilst it’s fresh, and maybe you can be the first to post “why are you a twat” or prove that there really are at least two people out there who don’t think we’re shit. We might even send out personal invitations to our friends and enemies, but everyone’s welcome to join.

    Join up here:

    We’re in the running for shittest forum of 2006 as well as shittest blog now.

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    1. Anonymous3:43 pm

      Oh my sweet lord no.