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    Friday, March 24, 2006

    Digitiser 2.0

    It’s about time we posted some good news. Paul Rose, aka Mr. Biffo, aka the guy who used to write Digitiser (Teletext’s legendary games pages before they became the weak travesty they are now) has started his own blog.

    Not all of it is about games. In fact, most of it isn’t, as the only games journalism he bothers with these days is writing the only readable page in Edge every month, and who can blame him considering how good games writing is now frowned upon by the self-appointed egomaniacal elitorati. It doesn’t matter though, as the tales from his life as a TV screenwriter are still exceptional.

    Highlights so far include an experience had by the award-winning writer at the BAFTA awards ceremony, how he touched up an Italian bloke’s arse in a supermarket, and getting groped by a small Chinese boy at the school where he likes to loiter. There’s also an excellent comment about media-types that works just as well for games industry-types:

    “A great many media people are, by and large (saying this at the risk of never working again) full of themselves, while simultaneously being riddled with insecurity and self-doubt.”

    After such a blinding start, our only worry is that he’ll run out of steam sooner or later, but we’re not complaining that one of the nation’s official top 10 “celebrity” games journalists is pumping out the good stuff for free again.

    Pay him your respect at

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