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    Wednesday, April 05, 2006

    A Year Of Drivel

    Hey gang – it’s our Birthday. We’re gonna party like it’s our Birthday. Sip Bacardi like it’s our Birthday. And you know we don’t give a fuck ‘cos it’s OUR BIRTHDAY!

    Yes, we’re one year old today (physically and mentally). It’s hard to believe that it was one whole year ago today that we, in a haze induced by /something/, woke up to discover we’d set up a ranting blog slagging off everyone we hated. A few days later, hits went through the roof when we were linked to by Kotaku and Gillen. We deleted the blog, and then got deluged by requests to put it back. So we did, with a few rewrites to make it more coherent. A year on and we’ve been praised, slagged off, made it into print (if MCV qualifies as a magazine), and become an award-winning blog.

    From day one, after our surprise that the blog was ours had gone, our goal was to reveal to the readers of the games mags and the gamers what goes on behind the scenes. We posted about the reviewing of unfinished code, unrealistic deadlines, reviewing games that haven’t been played, and general shady deals and dubious practices behind the scenes at the publishing houses.

    As we’re in full self-indulgence mode, we’re going to take the opportunity to put a few things straight:

    Despite what our critics say, we’ve never proclaimed ourselves to be the shining light of gaming. We’re just as guilty as those we accuse of the arrogance and double-dealing that goes on, and we’re pleased to celebrate the good of the industry too. We’re proud of the Official Top 10 “Celebrity” Games Journalists. Apart from a few silly grumbles about Dave Perry, (whose inclusion we stand by) it’s been almost unanimously agreed with. We’re also proud of winning our own award for the crappest blog of 2005, a feat we hope to repeat for this year’s awards at the end of the year.

    We refer to ourselves as “we” because although most of the blog is written by one person, the thoughts of others go into it.

    The RAM Raider’s identity – we’ve never said who we are. We’ve never confirmed who we are. We’ve never denied who we are. We’ll never say who we are. Despite Gillen’s prediction a year ago that “of course” we’ll be found out. As far as we’re concerned, The RAM Raider is The RAM Raider, nobody else.

    We’re anonymous because if we weren’t, we’d have to rely solely on tip-offs from our contacts, and worse, would suddenly find ourselves out of work. Writing’s a shit job, but sometimes it’s great. We don’t want to lose the “great” part.

    We’d like to dedicate our Birthday to everyone we respect in the games industry: Simon, Ste and the other one from The TriForce, Gary Cutlack, Stuart Campbell, Paul Rose, Dave Perry, Andrew Kelly, and even Gillen, who STILL won’t link to us.

    We’d like to put forward a special mention to Francesco Poli for his hilarious “Kieron Gillian” comments, Craig Gilmore for trying to make it, all those mag peeps who’ve e-mailed us their support and inside info, John Walker for pretending he doesn’t hate us when he really does, Tony Mott for e-mailing every time his name’s mentioned, Daniel Emery for being a laughing stock, and every single one of you who read the site – we love you all, even if you think we’re shit.

    We’re going to have a break for Easter, and then we’ll be back for another year of shit-flinging, disgraceful rumours, and fun stuff. It’s all rock and roll, and that’s what we’re here for.

    Yours lovingly,

    The RAM Raider



    1. Anonymous9:01 am

      Happy Birthday!

    2. Happy anus, you cunt. :)

    3. Felixspoons10:00 am

      Keep up the good work and don't let the bastards get you down.

      Oh and Happy Birthday as well

    4. Anonymous5:19 pm

      "Tony Mott for e-mailing every time his name’s mentioned"

      Really? What an egotistical twat.

      Happy day of birth.

    5. Anonymous1:24 pm

      I've contacted you every time you've published something about me that is untrue. If you don't want me contacting you to address these things, don't publish them.


    6. Happy Birthday, Rammy.