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    Wednesday, May 24, 2006

    PlayStation 3 = A Disaster Sure To Happen

    Seriously, if anyone is thinking of paying that for a games console that can do nothing significantly better than Microsoft’s piece of shit 360, they should be second in line to be shot after Sony.

    How many mistakes can a company make when it comes to a console launch? Let’s count them:

    1 It’s four hundred and twenty five fucking quid, the same price as a reasonable laptop, or a games-capable PC you don’t have to pay to download your games and music on.

    2 They’re going for a worldwide launch to cash in on the Christmas cash splash bonanza. It doesn’t exactly take Mystic fucking Meg to work out that, just like Microsoft last year, there’ll be plenty of PS3’s to go around in Japan, and a total of 7 in Europe. Like the Xbox 360, there’ll be no proper availability until the following February, unless you’re a worthless celebrity that can be photographed with it or talk about it for five minutes on your crap radio/TV show.

    3 They’ve got rid of the ludicrous boomerang-shaped dildo and replaced it with an old dual-shock controller with the rumble pack hastily screwdrivered out and a motion sensor THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE NINTENDO WII CONTROLLER forced in.

    4 Have you seen the launch line up? Yes? Are you reaching for your wallet? Yes? Then you’re a fool. “Hey look, we’ve got SingStar online enabled so you’ll have to pay over the top prices for every track you want to play!” Thanks, Sony.

    5 There are two models, but Sony don’t really know what to do with the cheaper one, as it’s a bit crap. As in even worse than the one that costs £425.

    Kudos to for quoting Sony worldwide studio chief Phil Harrison slagging off the two Microsoft Xbox 360’s at the GDC eight months ago:

    "Are there two versions that people want to buy, is my question. I don't know. When I look at those formats, I think it just confuses the audience. They don't know which one to buy, developers don't know which one to create for, and retailers don't know which one to stock. I think we wouldn't take that strategy. We wouldn't create confusion."

    You can trust every word these people say.

    But hey, Future are feverishly beavering away on their new PS3 mag, possibly with the aim of breaking their own record by not giving any of their journalists access to the console they’re writing about until issue 7. What is this industry coming to?


    1. nicely said. I have been tring to point out that sony is screwing themseves, but no one belives it because they are in denial or something. They have been losing third pary support left and right. Nintendo is gaining in third party support. They have more third party support with this console then they did in the begining with the cube. Last of all but not least Can sony and nintendo fans give up the fight of they copied our controller. The way I see it the ps 3 controller dosen't even compare to the wiimote. The Wiimote senses almost all movement including the speed while the sony controller only seems to be useful with warhawk or driving games. Big whoop de doo. Last of all but not least the wiimote contains rumble and a built in speaker that will enhance the feel of the game. Imagine the sound of your bat cracking from the speaker on the wiimote when you hit a baseball then hearing the ball whoosh through your surround sound and out of the stadium on your tv. That is a whole new feel. Nintend has built this system around the motion of the control while sony hasn't. One final thing to The graphics of the Wii at e3 are gamecube graphics becuase it's gamecube hardware. The ati graphics chips aren't in the final dev kits until june. The graphics from what I have read will be on par with 360 who would have guessed huh I did.

    2. On this topic:

      I've been a Sony fan for years, with about 100 games worth of reason for wanting a backwards compatible console, and yet... what on Earth happened to you, Sony?

    3. Insincere Dave8:19 am

      Wow, I can't wait to play FIFA on that!

    4. Anonymous12:34 am

      Hmmm..I'l buy the ps3 as a cheap linux computer in 2010 and if im not happy with it it can double as a fake grill. (it can be a real one if i remove the vent)

    5. Anonymous2:23 am

      "Have you seen the launch line up? Yes?"

      Well, no, as it happens, seeing as (three weeks since the above post) it hasn't been announced yet.

      Well done for continuing to update your blog though.

    6. Anonymous8:36 pm

      that was funny as fuck man, but totally true really, just traded my ps3 in for a xbox again, this gen is all about online baby