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    Monday, June 12, 2006

    Unsung Gaming Legends – David Gibbon

    The planet’s most ruthless games reviewer made his mark on the games industry in his eight year reign of terror editing the games pages for BBC Ceefax. Gibbon’s weekly rundown of the latest games soon gained notoriety as the main competition for the legendary Digitiser, and his scathing take-no-prisoners approach to everything he reviewed made the likes of Messrs. Biffo, Cheese and Hairs look like a bunch of girls fawning over the latest releases whilst combing the hair on their dolls.

    Gibbon is a bona-fide industry veteran, having been involved in gaming in some form or another since 1990, and has even edited some mags in his time. The news that he’s writing a book that’s out later this year will have Gillen running for the hills at the thought of being overshadowed, and he’s also keeping himself busy writing reviews for a website.

    Astonishingly, he’s set a personal record for the lowest review score he’s ever given – an amazing 3/5 for The Godfather. This is the equivalent of 6/10 on Ceefax, a whole point less than he once awarded to a PS2 sequel when his finger accidentally slipped onto the previously unused “7” key.

    Here’s a snippet from his review of OutRun 2006: Coast to Coast, which is widely recognised as the second most authoritative review of an OutRun game ever to be published after The Times gave it 1/5. “Oh! The car, the babe at your side, the tunes and the dodgy haircuts,” he spits, before giving it 4/5. Oh! indeed.

    Sadly, we couldn’t find contact details for the funkster since he left the BBC, so we’ve had to steal a comment from his website:

    “I’m against companies that re-hash old titles, add one or two enhancements and then go on to charge the consumer over £30 for the privilege. This kind of practice should be banned surely?”

    Don’t worry Dave – they’ll soon go out of business with you breathing down their necks.

    As Gibbon’s main rival, we asked radioactive and now sterile ex-Digitiser helmer and Official Top 10 "Celebrity" Games Journalist Mr. Biffo / Paul Rose for a tributary interview:

    Biffo: Hello dear.

    RR: Why is Gibbon a gaming legend? Hmm?

    Biffo: I think it helps that he has a funny name. I don't have a funny name, which is why I had to invent one.

    RR: Don’t be so hard on yourself Biffo – "Rose" makes you sound vaguely effeminate, which qualifies as funny in our book. Anyway, back to Gibbon. Why do you think he was always so merciless and harsh with his reviews?

    Biffo: Probably pent-up aggression from years of people making fun of his funny name.

    RR: As the editor of BBC Ceefax's games pages, Gibbon was your competition. Readers often wrote in slagging him off, but you were always keen not to get involved. Why?

    Biffo: Well, firstly, I never read the Ceefax pages, so it would've been an uninformed slagging off. Also, I once met him at some sort of horrible games party, and he was a perfectly nice little feller, and a bit of a Digitiser fan. I would've felt weird laying into him after that. Also, he had a funny name, and probably already got enough abuse because of that.

    RR: Thanks Biffo.

    Congratulations David Gibbon – you’re an Unsung Gaming Legend! The RAM Raider salutes you.

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