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    Friday, July 07, 2006

    We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday

    It’s time for our summer break. We’re going on a world tour, so we won’t be updating the blog as often as usual. Sorry about that, dear readers. Not that we update it often anyway, (quality > quantity, and all that crap) but you know what we mean. It might be something to do with there being fuck all to write about too.

    We’ll send you postcards from the places we visit, and if we’re having a really shit time, might start self-destructively dropping hints about who we are in them… We wouldn’t want you all to think we’ve shut down for good or anything like that again.

    We’ll still be answering e-mails and letting through comments when we can, so keep them coming in.

    When we’re back, we’ll carry on with our Unsung Gaming Legends series, moan about NGJ a bit more, and maybe even expose some more corruption in the filthy industry. Same shit, different date.

    Look out for our postcards, and have a great summer, readers. The RAM Raider salutes you all!


    1. Inflatable Moron6:00 pm

      Happy Holidays!Hope you take a ds and stacks of games...No reason to actually go Out in the sun...

    2. Anonymous10:16 am

      How long are your bloody holidays?

      You lot have it better than teachers!