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    Friday, August 18, 2006

    Future Haemorrhages Readers

    “Encouraging next-generation signs for Future’s games portfolio” reads the press release. Here’s the truth:

    Official PS2 Magazine: 100,117, losing over 33,000 readers since last year.

    PSW: 34,479, losing over 15,000 readers.

    PSM2(3): 35,993, losing nearly 10,000 readers.

    Official Xbox Mag: 40,497, losing nearly 45,000 readers.

    PC Gamer: 45,296, losing over 3,000 readers.

    PC Zone: 30,022, losing over 3,500 readers.

    GamesMaster: 53,360, losing over 2,000 readers.


    New launch Corrupt Official Xbox 360 Mag has drawn in 42,680 readers, which is piddling for an official mag.

    So where’s the good news? Future have been keen to trumpet Edge’s “8.1% year-on-year increase”, but when gaining 75, that’s SEVENTY-FIVE, readers since last year is a cause for celebration, you know a monopolising publishing house has become like the only kid in England who’s failed an A-level and says to his parents through gritted teeth “hey don’t worry mum and dad, I always wanted a career at McDonalds anyway”.

    Bottom of the festering dung heap lies PC Zone, which Future has pulled out all the stops since swallowing it from Dennis Publishing’s plate to digest all its goodness before shitting out its lifeless husk onto the shelves of WH Smiths every month. Despite its PC Gamer-for-kids makeover and “world-exclusive” reviews of games like Prey BEFORE THEY’VE BEEN FINISHED, it’s just 22 readers from the magic line that’ll see it shuffle off to join Computer & Video Games in the great bog-roll dispenser in the sky.

    In other news, Imagine’s Play and GamesTM mags from Highbury have picked up 8,000 readers. Maybe it’s time for Future’s talented journos to start jumping ship before the new run of budget cuts pushes them.


    1. Anonymous10:19 am

      Where did the Imagine figures come from? They bother to post ABCs.

    2. Anonymous10:37 am

      Not being in the industry, I'm honestly surprised at the fact that 'official' mags should sell more copies.
      My entire life buying games mags I've always steered well clear of anything marked 'official' and I just assumed most people would do the same.
      I guess with the pressure of advertisers etc, any magazine is hardly impartial (as the Ram Raider so often and vociferously tells us), but I can't bring myself to buy any mag that has 'corporate whore' stamped so brazenly on its cover.

    3. Anonymous1:54 pm

      Dennis have never published anything worth reading. They're busy fucking up Micro Mart as we speak.

    4. Anonymous1:59 pm


      Can anyone else be bothered pointing out all the errors Dan's made in this post?

      I'll start - Play and GamesTM haven't posted an ABC, those are the previous figures from six months ago. They haven't posted one now so they can lie to advertisers about how many copies they sell (ie, more than they really do).

    5. Anonymous2:52 pm

      I think all you've really done there is drawn attention to your own pedantry.


    6. Anonymous3:25 pm


      No, I explained why he was wrong to say "Imagine’s Play and GamesTM mags from Highbury have picked up 8,000 readers" when, in fact, they haven't.

    7. Dennis published Your Sinclair, anon, you festering pustule.

    8. Anonymous5:12 pm

      OK whatever... the guy is a journalist after all, so cut him some slack with regards accuracy.

    9. Anonymous8:17 pm

      ... and Dennis also published Zero, one of the finiest games mags ever. EVER.

      Official Dreamcast Magazine wasn't too shabby, either.

    10. Anonymous6:53 pm

      My mistake: Dennis haven't published anything worth reading in the last 15 years.