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    Monday, August 14, 2006


    Disappointed. Very, very disappointed. After studying PC Gamer’s Top 100 PC Games IN ASSOCIATION WITH PC WORLD, we’re practically devastated to say that we agree with most of it.

    If the list was to be taken as a top 100 of the best PC games in no particular order, then all the “no way is X better than Y” arguments would be avoided, but Oblivion, Half-Life 2 and World of Warcraft's places in the top 10 are fine decisions. It’s not perfect (The Sims 2 at 10, wha…?), but it’s much better than we were expecting.

    To make up for our lack of irrational anger at the list itself, it would be rude not to point out what a load of old bollocks the introduction is:

    “This is a list of incredible things we’ve done; things which can yet be done by you. This is the profound advantage of games over all other media, and the games in this list are here because they understand that. Mediocre games are made by people still thinking in film, television or book terms; finite creations to be consumed and shelved. This is why film critic Roger Ebert has famously dismissed games: he’s stuck in old-fashioned linear thinking, disturbed by the idea of a narrative that the viewer has the power to disrupt. This list, arrived at by our collective 150 years of gaming experience, culminating in one day of heated debate, shows that the best games rejoice in that power. They let the player do amazing things, be amazing, out on the new frontier of human experience” gdfuyfgydNYYYARRRGGHHHH MAKE IT STOP…

    Translation = “I like open-ended games,” which kind of undermines Half-Life 2 being at number 2. Some of the semen dribbles onto Oblivion’s write-up at number 1:

    “Oblivion is a vindication of ambition. It says that it’s worth biting off more than you can easily chew if the morsel is tasty enough.”

    We don’t want Tom Francis to feel like we’re picking on him, especially after this little escapade, but poor Gillen’s starting to sweat uncomfortably at the thought that someone’s out there typing up sixth-form English Lit essays instead of good copy without a hint of irony.

    Anyway, good job PC Gamer – the RAM Raider salutes your Top 100 PC Games, even if it is IN ASSOCIATION WITH PC WORLD.


    1. Anonymous11:01 am

      I have to admire your ingenuity RR.

      You're a troll that people come to be trolled by.

      Impressive variation on a theme.

    2. Oblivion has no place anywhere near the top ten. That is all.

      (Oh yeah, one more thing. Since it's my first post here, I'd like to say that I fucking love this website. Keep up the good work.)

    3. Anonymous11:33 am

      I didn't realise there were 100 games out for the PC in the last year. I thought PC games had dried up to a likkle trickle.

    4. Anonymous4:26 pm

      Its top 100 ever...and it gets tweaked yearly...incidently will RAM be commenting on the Triforce's book?

    5. If they send me a copy, I'll comment on it.

    6. Anonymous2:22 am

      You've ruined it for me, Ramsy. I thought we were the worst, ever. I can't enjoy this grudging acceptance. Please. Hate us harder.


    7. How can they send you a copy if they don't know who you are?