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    Thursday, September 07, 2006

    Sony’s Arrogance Pays Off… For Everyone But Sony

    We usually steer clear of stories like this which the whole world has already flogged to death, but it would be a shame not to jump on a bandwagon as beautiful as this.

    Here are some choice comments from SCEE chief twat David Reeves being a smug cunt in the glorious MCV earlier this year, as reported by

    “David Reeves, the head of Sony's European PlayStation 3 launch, has gone on record in MCV
    as saying that 'it is my job to match [the European PS3 launch] with the U.S launch,' adding that 'I am doing my very best to make that happen.'

    Reeves also takes a moment to scold analysts who speculate about a possible PS3 delay, saying 'no one really knows the facts.' Reeves goes on to say that he is 'very, very confident' about Sony's launch plans for the PS3.”

    Well Dave, we’re “very, very confident” that the analysts are laughing in your cocky face, and you’ve failed to do your job.

    Let’s face it, after watching Sony i) fucking up the launch of the PSP, ii) turning the PSP into a white elephant that’s been shoved aside by the Nintendo DS, and iii) replacing the PS3 controller with an old dual shock with the rumble pack replaced with a motion sensor in a panicked reactionary response to the Nintendo Wii controller, the analysts had plenty to go on.

    Happy Christmas, Sony!


    1. Anonymous2:03 pm

      you think he had a choice about moving this date? or perhaps his bosses in japan fucked the whole of SCEE over again, as they have done on far too many occasions.
      and no, I don't work for sony
      and yes, this launch is pretty fucked up

    2. Let's just say that everyone I know (including myself) is extremely happy about this.

      The fucking idiots have, hopefully, stepped into their own noose.

    3. Anonymous3:08 pm

      How did they fuck up the launch of the PSP? I thought they sold loads of the gameless little buggers.

    4. Anonymous10:14 am

      I'm not the same anonymous, but can I repeat the question?