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    Monday, November 06, 2006

    It’s… The Official Top 10 Least-Hideous Games Journalists!

    If there’s one thing separating games mags from other mags, it’s that they love nothing more than plastering pictures of their writers all over their pages. So after bringing you the definitive Top 10 Games Journalists last year, we’ve decided to bring you the definitive chart of who, basically, is less hideous than everybody else in their field.

    Here’s how we’ve done it. A few months ago in a surprising moment of clarity and forethought, we uploaded photographs of games journalists onto a website where the users get to anonymously rate how attractive they are on a scale of 1-10. It’s a predominantly American site and the photos are uploaded anonymously, so the voters were unaware they were voting for UK games journalists. We’ve also been watching the forums and there’s not been a peep about it, so we know we’ve not been found out.

    Everyone was uploaded and added to the same age category in the name of fairness. We also uploaded our own picture (the real photo, not an anime paparazzi guy) to subject ourselves to the same brand of humiliation. The RAM Raider would have been in at number 7, but the picture’s gone now so don’t bother looking for it.

    We included all of the Top 10 Celebrity Games Journalists, and a whole load of other journos we happened to have laying around our hard drives. We also only uploaded guys, so women can relax. Some of the pictures are a little old, but the ones we’ve got on camera are at dodgy angles or would give away our super-secret identity.

    The chart will start when we post number 10 very soon. Enjoy yourselves…


    1. Great unique blog you have here!

    2. thetuskanraider9:28 am

      Oh the suspense... I can hardly wait.
      Does Campbell come quite high, or does he just win the "world's very worst website design" award or something?

    3. sleem2:50 pm

      Will Zorg be in there? Gilen? Campbel? Rignal? Tell me!

    4. Was the one you sent in of yourself in moody lighting after spending an hour making yourself look as good as possible? Nah, just kidding Rammy, you're alright. If hideously ugly.