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    Monday, November 27, 2006

    Least Hideous Journalist Number 6: Paul Rose / Mr. Biffo

    Ex-Digitiser supremo and Official Top 10 “Celebrity” Games Journalist Rose still writes the only readable page in Edge every month, although he’s now wisely spending most of his time writing almost award-winning television scripts and his excellent blog. He’s also planning a book, which Teletext’s current games staff may or may not announce is shit as they did with the Triforce’s “Game On”.

    As attractive as Biffo is, we’re pleased to finally settle an argument by proving his nipple is conclusively not more attractive than the still from his Al-Jazeera rehearsal tape:

    Few would argue there’s anything fundamentally wrong with his nipple, despite it being voted as less desirable than Jamie Sefton.

    Congratulations Rose / Biffo – you’re the sixth least-hideous games journalist! The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. mahoobley8:33 pm

      Please to stop posting images of my back garden. I am worried about terrorists.


    2. You're slipping, RAM. If we want to uncover your secret identity, you've literally told us we have to find someone who's uglier than Mr Biffo, better-looking than Dave McCarthy, and on a par with John Walker. The awful truth can't come soon enough.


    3. Yeah. What? What? Am I alive yet?


    4. Sorry for the lack of relevance, BTW. [I left a comment about a minute ago.] I'm still unsure about this whole blogger/google duality. Post/reject me as you like. Otherwise - case for the generalization - I like Paul Rose and Digitizer etc, I read(past tense) it all the time, yeah. Yeah | props | etc. Also, Stuart Campbell, do something extra about him, too. Just 'for a laugh' (obviously, I mean, just 'deadly seriously you fucking cunt') and because I don't know, etc. Expiry date: 09/99. Expire me. Do me out, etc.