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    Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    Least Hideous Journalist Number 7: John Walker

    John Walker never intended to be Britain’s Leading Adventure Games Critic or Leading Budget Games Reviewer. Just as well, really.

    As a freelance reviewer for PC Gamer (soon to be renamed “World Of Warcraft Monthly”) and the unreliable Eurogamer, Walker has made a name for himself by being rash, impulsive, mouthing off on the internet then regretting it later, and telling everyone who disagrees with him to fuck off. This is why we love him, as this is fundamentally what makes a good games critic. He hates us with passion (proper passion, not Future’s “media with passion” type passion, which is entirely unpassionate), but his friends talk about him with an unnatural reverence and respect.

    Despite us submitting his old PC Gamer photo taken when he had funny hair, he’s been thrust by the citizens of the internet’s votes comfortably ahead of the butch Taurus into the chart. He’ll charmingly make out he doesn’t care, but he’ll love it really. And that’s why we’ll always have a soft spot for our number one fan.

    Congratulations Walker – you’re the seventh least-hideous games journalist! The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. Tch. I'll be back in three months when you've done all of these, because I'm sick of checking for updates.

    2. Oh, and you're *approving* comments now? Dick.