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    Friday, November 17, 2006

    Least-Hideous Journalist Number 8: David McCarthy

    Also known as The Other One from The TriForce, and an Official Top 10 “Celebrity” Games Journalist to boot, Dave’s athletic (read: sweaty) torso has powered its way into a well deserved number 8 slot. After convincing the mods that the photo wasn’t of TV’s Garry Bushell, we later came to regret not having this photo of the mighty Taurus “getting his guns out in public” to submit instead:

    Now Dangerous Dave’s features have secured him a decent 6/10, the gauntlet has been thrown down to his TriForce buddies – will they appear in a higher chart position, or be left languishing in the corner whilst all the chicks swoon over his oft told tale of the time he was on an exploding train once.

    Trivia: He’s just written a book with Byron and Curran, but Teletext’s GameCentral thinks it’s shit.

    Congratulations McCarthy – you’re the eighth least-hideous games journalist! The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. Anonymous10:41 pm

      Sometimes I lie back in bed, late at night, and wonder about David McCarthy. I think to myself "David McCarthy must spend all day completely naked. He goes to grassy fields naked, and he goes out to town at night entirely naked. I wonder what he would be like if he came to visit me..."

      I think about that each and every night, thinking of him and his eyes and his hair and his chest and his muscles and his sweat.

      And that's when I realise, Videogames Journalism is proof of a God.

    2. Anonymous4:22 pm

      Jesus. David McCarthy is clearly the hottest of them all, and I absolutely promise that I'm not David McCarthy. Put it this way: would, in a heartbeat.

      Anyway, this is bollocks, because you can't have a top ten of hott videogames journalists without Keith Stuart in there. I absolutely promise that I'm not Keith Stuart.