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    Monday, December 04, 2006

    Least Hideous Journalist Joint No. 3: Tony Mott

    What’s happened to number 4? There is no number 4, as there’s a dead heat for the number 3 position.

    Tony Mott is not the editor of Edge. He’s the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF. He also claims to “look like a number of people who are a bit shit,” which we totally disagree with.

    Find out who can proudly boast about looking exactly as sexy as Dr. Mott and his legion of doppelgangers later this week. Dave McCarthy probably won’t be pleased.

    Congratulations Mott – you’re the joint-third least-hideous games journalist! The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. Anonymous3:54 am

      "Congratulations Mott – you’re the fifth least-hideous games journalist! The RAM Raider salutes you."

      Joint-third, surely?

    2. Of course! You spotted the deliberate mistake, and win a special Christmas prize of me mumbling "thanks."

    3. He looks a bit like Craig Bellamy in that pic, which does support the claim you mention above.

    4. I bet the next one is Simes, it's got to be.

      I was hoping he'd be number 1 though :(

    5. Anonymous4:53 pm

      I'm a bit disappointed you didn't use pictures of the others that show them just after they've run 13 miles and had a traumatic shit, certainly.

    6. Tony - hi this is debbie? i can't beleive I am resorting to e-mail via a blog but what on earth did I do to stop lou returning my calls.

      i think you've moved but give her my love and let me know what went wrong. deb

    7. Anonymous4:32 pm

      he looks like doctor fox off the radio