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    Thursday, March 22, 2007

    Why The PS3 Is Great. Honestly.

    We’ve heard so much about how great the PS3 is going to be, we thought we’d cut through the negativity and find out why it’s going to be the best thing ever.

    1 - Sony has gone to a huge amount of trouble to get 1,782 of the thousands of PS2 back catalogue games “playable” on it. Thank them for taking their precious time in going to this trouble. Instead of, say, leaving in the emulation chip that every other territory’s consoles have.

    2 - Sony has worked day and night since the console was released everywhere but in Europe four months ago to make sure you can get one on launch day, and their efforts have paid off. You can literally order one from any major retailer or site right now and still be guaranteed one from launch. Lesser companies would only be in that situation if they’d fucked up a worldwide launch and nobody wanted one anyway, but not Sony.

    3 - Sony has moved heaven and earth to pack in a Blu-Ray player for your extensive collection of Blu-Ray discs you’ve got straining the shelves on your bookshelf, a photo viewer for all those digital photos your PC or Wii won’t read, and a pad that amazingly has a tilt sensor instead of a far inferior rumble pack like every other console, which has nothing to do with them not paying off Immersion their $120million settlement in time, all for under £500. Just. Unless you include games. And essential peripherals. Compared to the scandalous £307 and £261 they’re charging in the US and Japan, you’ll agree that’s quite a bargain.

    4 - Sony’s console is, according to all the commercial radio stations that have one to give away, the most anticipated console ever released. Obviously, this is reflected in its excellent sales figures in Japan last week, which only just falls behind the Wii. And the Nintendo DS. And the PSP. Really.

    5 - Sony’s made history by luring the non-commercial BBC into broadcasting an hour-long advert for the PS3 just by sending one in to Chris Moyles. The team managed to break new ground in radio broadcasting by passing off an hour of them talking about how brilliant the PS3 is without saying why as entertainment, and then treated the listeners to the sound of an engine whilst they played F1. If you’re a millionaire celebrity with no discernible talent or knowledge of the games industry, give Sony’s PR team a ring on 020 7859 5000 and they’ll trip over in their speed to send you a fantastic PS3. If you’re a journalist with the capacity to reach tens of thousands of specialist readers who actually give a fuck about games, don’t waste Sony’s precious time by ringing them as it’ll only make them feel bad for telling you to email them (which is PR-code for “fuck off, I’m going to ignore you and be a surly cunt”).

    6 - Holding back the PS3 until now has given Sony the opportunity to “get it right”. This means they can launch alongside games such as Oblivion, FEAR and Splinter Cell, and all the other ropey old ports lined up. Unless they even manage to fuck that up, and those craptastic conversions slip back AND STILL MANAGE TO MISS THE LAUNCH.



    1. simon9:12 pm

      Rammy's back! Yay! Wherre have you been?

    2. *~sizzle~*


      Incidentally, Chris Moyles used to constantly bleat on and on about playing the Xbox and 360 back when I used to listen. Which goes to show he's not biased, at least (he'll plug anybody's console freebie).

    3. Good to hear the rantings back Ramster.

      Sony bashing is flogging a very knackered horse... but fuck 'em, I can't get enough of it to be honest. Those fuckers ruined the industry I love and now they're being hung out to fucking dry. Cunts.