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    Thursday, April 05, 2007

    Two Years? TWO?

    That’s right – it’s our Birthday again! Two years ago today, the blog which everyone hates to hate was born.

    Over the last year, we’ve managed to piss off everyone from games industry veterans to university lecturers, and we achieved that last one without even trying. Rest assured that we’ll live up to the terrible twos by being consistently shit for the next year whilst we moan, gloat, bitch, and generally annoy people because that’s what blogging was invented for.

    We’re going to break with tradition and give you a Birthday present: you can ask us anything you want. Anything. Provided you submit it to the comments box or send it to within the next hour, and as long as you’re not asking who we are or aren’t (or any smartarse variations), we’ll answer it in the next update. Anything after 6pm BST we might still answer, but no guarantees.

    Here’s to another year of squeezing fun out of games industry misery.

    Yours Lovingly,

    The RAM Raider



    1. Happy Birthday Rammy!

      My question - why bother?

    2. When did you first see corruption in the games industry?

    3. Bonjela5:50 pm

      Happy Birthday Ram.

      Answer this please: there are only two magazines for PC games players, so which is better. Pc Zone or Pc Gamer?

    4. Anonymous8:39 pm

      how long have you been in the games business

    5. why don't you actually post anything about people taking bribes and that anymore. More rumours of PR intervention, please!

    6. Anonymous7:52 pm

      How many games industry staff were in the PS3 get-a-free-TV line?