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    Wednesday, August 22, 2007

    Just What The Games Industry Needs…

    …another blog.

    We’ll cut this one some slack and link to it, as we’ll probably be mercilessly ripping the piss out of it for years to come.

    Rock, Paper, Shotgun is the disappointing title, with the subject matter being PC gaming. We like PC gaming, therefore we hope we’re going to like this.

    You’d never guess it was the brainchild of four PC Gamer writers, what with the content currently being Bioshock articles, slightly cursory news snippets, Bioshock articles, some old PC Gamer material, and Bioshock articles.

    Still, with two intermittently interesting writers, one enthusiast of over-philosophical-sociological-existentialist dead-end musings, and one guy who’s been allowed to join in because he knows about web coding, it has potential.

    And it’s all done for the love of gaming.

    Here are some highlights:

    "If you’re the sort of person who was goes on excitedly about how brilliant the end of Mafia was, and how it was the most mature take on the GTA-style game the world has ever seen, then you have a reason to celebrate. Its creators, Illusion Softworks, are working on a sequel, called, in a flash of inspiration, Mafia 2."

    "UPDATE: Kieron plays the demo and adds some comments from the perspective of somsone who’s played the full game on the considerable differences."

    RSS it now. They’re just putting up another piece about Bioshock.


    1. God, I can be churlish...

    2. You really are, you big meanie. That said, a referral post is a referral post. Thanks for the links, sir.

      (Randomly - go back and have a read this piece. It's about Bioshock, but it's kind of more towards your enfant-terrible end of things: