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    Tuesday, September 18, 2007

    The Colin McCash-In Continues

    Codemasters’ PR department was quick to knock up a perfunctory obituary press release as soon as they clocked in on Monday. Here’s the part after the crocodile tears that hasn’t been so widely reported:

    Notes: The Colin McRae series of video games:
    Developed and published by Codemasters in partnership with Colin McRae, the McRae games now form a 9 million+ selling series. The first game, Colin McRae Rally, was published in the summer of 1998 for the PlayStation and PC. It became an international best-seller and set a benchmark for rally video games that only its sequels could better. Colin McRae Rally 2.0, for the PlayStation and PC, followed in 2000, with Colin McRae Rally 3, for the PlayStation 2 and PC, in 2002. With Colin’s input, the series continued to evolve with an ever growing variety of car makes and classes, stages and countries featured through the games of 2003 and 2004, Colin McRae Rally 04 and Colin McRae Rally 2005 respectively (PlayStation 2, Xbox and PC). Most recently, the series diversified further, mirroring Colin’s own participation in a broader range of motor sports, with year’s title: Colin McRae: DiRT. Published in June for the Xbox 360 and PC, and most recently for the PlayStation 3, Colin McRae: DiRT has players competing in off-road races on gravel, mud and dirt tracks all over the world.

    Translation: “We’re going to pretend we give a shit about our cash cow dying, but make sure you shoehorn in plenty of references about how great and popular our series of journeyman rally games has been into your news reports, and plug our latest release, because we’re going for Number 1 riding on grief sales, baby.”

    RR Prediction: DiRT gets a top 3 placing in this week’s charts.


    1. Hello this is Codemasters. Our last PR team all died in a cocaine fuelled orgy and considering recent events would you consider applying?

      Unfortunately, we would have to wipe any knowledge of games from your head and we give you all the crack you may need but we will have to take your soul as a down payment.

      Call us yeah?

    2. Anonymous1:34 am

      Oh, Colin's dead you say? Never harmed Diana...

      Like a race game in the wind...

    3. Anonymous2:56 am

      I know how much you love Future Publishing... got anything against the US arm?

    4. I see Codemasters have issued a press release telling everyone they've cancelled their TV adverts for Dirt in a mark of respect for Colin's family.

      Of course they didn't need to issue a press release telling everyone about it. I'm sure the positive press it generates about them is purely coincidental...