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    Monday, September 10, 2007

    RR's Going PR

    Press Release

    Anonymous Journalist Defects to Public Relations

    England, UK – September 10, 2007 – RAM Raider, the anonymous journalist who writes the semi-popular games industry blog “The RAM Raider”, has taken up a new role moonlighting as CEO of Public Relations at RRPR.

    After more than two years of making snide comments about his industry peers, reserving particular wrath for certain areas of PR, RAM Raider has decided to adopt the adage, “if you can’t beat them, join them.”

    “Fuck this for a game of soldiers,” said RAM Raider, yesterday. “Journalism is turning into a great big festering bag of wrong, so I’ve finally decided to cross to the dark side and see gaming from the point of view of the profit-loving husks. Let’s face it, PR’s where the money is. And how hard can it be to lie your fucking face off, make up phoney quotes, demand anyone who rings me to send an email because of not having the spine to say no down the phone, and fuck around journalist scum to satisfy your own self-serving agenda?”

    The RAM Raider is expected to ramble on about the industry in a vaguely worrying press release themed style for the next couple of posts or until he gets bored, whichever comes sooner.


    Note to Editors: RRPR is a fictional firm set up in September 2007 so the piss can be taken from a slightly different angle. RAM Raider is a crazed anonymous blogger who has been publicly losing the plot on semi-popular blog “The RAM Raider” since April 2005, but privately flipped long before then. Everything he says is a lie, which is why he’s flown below the radar of his colleagues for so many years.


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