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    Tuesday, September 11, 2007

    Sony Makes PS3 Playable!

    Press Release

    New Firmware Released for all 9 PS3 Owners

    England, UK – September 11, 2007 – Sony Computer Entertainment, the omnipotent firm which did the world a favour by releasing the best games console ever for less than £500, has released firmware version 1.92.

    “This update focuses on some PS3 compatibility and playability issues,”
    said a spokesperson for Sony, yesterday.

    “Our main agenda was to release a patch adding something that would make people want to buy the ugly, useless piece of black shit,” added David Reeves, President and CEO of SCEE.
    “After investing £3.7million into researching why we can’t give the bloody things away, we discovered that adding a Wii emulator to the console instead of a Second Life rip-off would boost sales by 7986.372% across all territories.”

    Firmware v.2.0 is planned to include Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and PC emulation. Proper PS2 emulation is on track to be included in firmware v.423.07 in 2015, shortly before the release of the PS3’s first good game.


    Note to Editors: RRPR is a fictional firm set up in September 2007 so the piss can be taken from a slightly different angle. RAM Raider is a crazed anonymous blogger who has been publicly losing the plot on semi-popular blog “The RAM Raider” since April 2005, but privately flipped long before then. Everything he says is a lie, which is why he’s flown below the radar of his colleagues for so many years.

    “Sony”, “PS3”, “PS2”, “Xbox 360”, “Wii”, “Nintendo DS”, and “useless piece of black shit” are all registered trademarks.



    1. Anonymous1:37 pm

      The impact this blog has on the games industry is the amount a crusty holding a cardboard sign saying 'stop the bomb' at a protest has on world events.

    2. Anonymous1:25 am

      Sticking with your analogy then, does that mean you stand next to crusties adding your viewpoint to theirs for the benefit of anyone reading their signs?