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    Wednesday, December 05, 2007

    RR Awards 2007 – First Winners Announced This Week

    Thanks, twice thanks, and thrice thanks for all of your votes for this year’s awards. The number of nomination emails, comments and Facebook messages we’ve received have eclipsed the 2005 awards, and in many cases came with reasons that are much funnier than anything we could have thought up.

    If you’ve still not voted, you can still nominate for each award that hasn’t had a result posted, but there’s no guarantee it’ll count. Think of it like an ITV phone vote, but without the cost and corruption.

    The first award result will be up by the end of the week, and the rest will flow in steadily after. It’s a cracking batch this year, you wonderful Anonymous Knights…

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    1. Anonymous5:03 pm

      Get them up then you spacky raper.