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    Thursday, December 13, 2007

    RR Best Game Of 2007: Portal

    Predictably, this category didn’t get as many votes as the Most Overrated Pile Of Shite award, but the result made us proud of our readership. Although a few of you wonderful cynics voted for “nothing”, the deserving winner is that piece of genius nobody really expected to be more than a curio.

    As part of The Orange Box, Portal has managed to eclipse every other puzzle and FPS game we’ve seen for years in terms of imagination. Brilliantly set in the same universe as Half-Life, a few hours in the life of a lab-rat under the ever-present supervision of GLaDOS for Black Mesa competitor Aperture Science is short-lived but unparalleled. Even once you’re past the flawless concept of the Portal gun, the nearest you can get in a game to one of those Acme “instant hole” things you see in the Road Runner cartoons, the jet black humour puts almost every other developer trying to be funny in this industry to shame.

    If you’ve not played it yet, especially if you’re idiotically ignorant enough to still think that the Halo series is “pioneering”, download Steam and buy it (yes, BUY IT, don’t download it) for the dirt cheap price it’s going for. If you have already played and completed it, then sit back and watch the now legendary “Portal Song” one more time:

    (SPOILER ALERT if you’ve not played it yet)

    Congratulations, Portal Team – The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. I can't think of a more deserving game. Portal looked like a really clever puzzle game from the previews but I wasn't prepared for how wonderful it really was, especially the humour. Purely coincidentally I replayed it just a few hours ago and it's still a HUGE SUCCESS.

    2. Fucking damn straight. Portal pissed over everything else this year and instantly became the second funniest game of all time as part of the bargain.