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    Saturday, December 15, 2007

    RR Blog / Personal Website of 2007: UK:Resistance

    What won before: UK:Resistance

    We’ve blown so much smoke up UK:R’s arse that we’ve run out of nice things to say, so here’s a brief list of trivia you may or may not know already:

    1) UK:R has been running for a lot longer than we have, but is much funnier.

    2) UK:R had to distance themselves from their own forum (which has since morphed into UK:Persistence) when Gary Cutlack was leant on by “The Man”. “The Man” is Future Publishing, which pisses out of its arse onto the flames of quality writing.

    3) UK:R won a Games Media Award this year, but the RR Awards are better because they’re voted for by real people, and not HUSKS.

    4) Some people don’t like UK:R, and demonstrate their disapproval by adding in an “n” between the “u” and the “t” in Cutlack’s name to jocular effect.

    5) A group of people have formed their own splinter group who think that The RAM Raider is written by Gary Cutlack, not Dan Emery. Cutlack removed the UK:R link to RR because of this, which has resulted in the undesired effect of fanning the flames. Of suspicion that is, not quality writing.

    Congratulations, UK:R / Gary Cutlack – The RAM Raider salutes you.


    1. Anonymous1:03 pm

      ' UK:R had to distance themselves from their own forum (which has since morphed into UK:Persistence) when Gary Cutlack was leant on by “The Man”.'

      Yes... it had nothing to do with another forum member fucking his rancid girlfriend and him throwing a massive hissy fit about it.

    2. 2 forum members actually, and she's rather fit as well.

      Also due to his cunt friend Stefan Walters having a massive strop because noone liked him.

    3. Anonymous2:19 pm

      I was forced to migrate to UK:P and I didn't even get to fuck his fit/rancid girlfriend. WHERE IS THE JUSTICE!

      it's here:

      It's fucking shit compared to the old UK:R one though.

    4. Anonymous2:30 pm

      ...then the forum provider was anonymously tipped off that the forum content was 'associated' with pornographic material (Rev. dmark). It was then shutdown. Stefan left and the phoenix rose from the ashes with the SOLID help of australian foot fetishist 'Gluecifer' (who later condemned his brothers as the forum 'didn't feel like home anymore) and Spudgun (a real great guy). Such interesting antics over the past year or so have been 'the many faces of Bonnie Langford'. The fat american Dork pwning. 'Slickest Vik that ever ripped', hounded for being a 'nice guy'. And finally the introduction of the shitbox (read - a playground for bonnie and CHUMS) that has really done more harm than good.

      Good forum. Would read again A+

    5. Lenny3:15 pm

      It's shit.

      All people talk about is caravans.

    6. Anonymous3:36 pm

      If they are not watching this video and ACTUALLY PISSING THEMSELVES laughing, most of the shitbox regulars enjoy a nice chat discussing the finer side of modern alcoholism (Tuesdays), wine tasting (Weds) and its 80's movie chat on Thursdays.

      Come along, assume someone else's identity and keep a copy of excel on hand and you will fit in just fine.

    7. Baraka from Mortal Kombat7:13 pm

      My anonymous friend above "forgot" to tell you about the other shitbox days.

      So I'll tell you:

      Mondays and Fridays are dedicated to our love for Sir Alan.

      Also from 3pm to 4pm every weekday we host a "be the first to give w1ntermute an heart attack" competition. The winner gets some turnips.

      Oh and we have a celebrity hosting the shitbox over the weekends. Usually Phil Mitchel.

    8. Anonymous10:58 pm

      You should know that the forum troll bonnie langford^ is probably the most unfunniest forum cunt that has ever graced UKP/R.

      Armed with a million different personas, unlimited free time, mundane retorts, pathetic impersonations and sheer obsession over boring forum users proves him to be the most UNFUNNY cunt alive.